HNGi8 INTERNSHIP BY JOEBASS Frontend & Backend Dev

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Introduction Joebass Musical Plus was found in 2015 to entertain the public with sweet sound from my bass guitar and also into Software Dev.

Reason of joining internship Jbmplus’s mission here is to expand in the area of Tech with creative mindset, passion and enthusiasm people who are out to assist anyone grow in the area of tech and HNG is the answer.

Goals of internship description my goals here is to meet and connect with people who are well sound in tech industry to enhance my skills in software and web development and to know more about tech and see how i can be of as solution to the society at large in solving problem using tech.

Ongoing consideration on what i intend to achieve Have heard many useful experiences at HNG, I feel that joining these internship will bring outt the best in me and to build my development confidence levels with coding with HNG intership program.

In conclusion, please visit links below to have a profound knowledge of coding. A beginner Git tutorial for designing: A beginner Figma tutorial for designing: A beginner React tutotial for designing:

A beginner Mobile tutorial for designing: A beginner Html tutorial for designing Text A beginner Python tutorial for designing

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